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Electric Studio Photography

Photography to capture the uncommon portrait

Impossible Becomes Possible!

On the beach while creating magical memories and capturing what your cell phone can’t


Hearts, Butterflies and Glitter


Downtown Photo Shoot in St Petersburg

Fun with Murals

I spent a few days scouting hundreds of mural locations while taking note of when the best time of day would be to shoot in front of each mural. I determined that I could achieve the best results during the morning hours for the majority of the murals. This led to the scheduling of two gymnast friends for the morning hours of a day that we expected great weather. It all came together, everyone had fun and we finished by having lunch in downtown Saint Petersburg at a spot we noticed while shooting.

Mostly in Studio


These are a few portraits shot with a small studio setup, along with a bit of creativity thrown in for good measure. One was shot at a local climbing gym in order to capture the athlete in his element.